Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities at ECU

Scholarship opportunities can be located by visiting the ECU On-line Scholarship Management System – ECUAward. Applicants use their ECU credentials (Pirate ID and password) to gain access to the general scholarship application and a variety of conditional applications and “apply to” opportunities that may display on your student scholarship dashboard should you be eligible for those programs. Note that some scholarships are available campus wide regardless of major (Example: ECU Alumni Association scholarships). The department has several scholarships that are available to our majors. They can be viewed on ECUAward by typing anthropology in the search window. Most deadlines are January 31 for this cycle. Good luck!

State of North Carolina Internship Program

There are a number of internship opportunities offered by the state of North Carolina.  To apply for one or more, click the link above entitled “State of North Carolina Internship Program.”  Deadlines for these state internships are January 15th 2018 so make sure you apply soon!

Rangel Fellowship

A program to prepare young people for careers as diplomats in the U.S. Foreign Service

International Scholarships

Fulbright Scholarship

National Scholarships